Who we are

FlyCaribbeanVA is a Virtual Alliance by and for virtual pilots who like to fly in the Caribbean area. It is founded in 2016 and become an official IVAO airline in the same year. The idea is to offer the possibility to simulate real world flights flown in the Caribbean, from small private aircrafts to large passenger and cargo jets.

We have two hubs: St. Maarten (TNCM) and Curacao (TNCC).

What we offer

We offer our pilots the possibility to fly offline and online (IVAO, VATSIM, or any other network).

Flighttracking will be done primarily by our own smartCARS, but we do allow XAcars as well.

Too fly as real as it gets we offer flights from many realworld airlines that are operating in the Caribbean (LIAT, InselAir, Winair, Seaborne and many more) and intercontinental flights to/from Europe, North - and South America (KLM, Delta, British Airways, etc) with their appropriate callsigns.

We also allow our pilots to create their own flights, using our FCB-callsign. We have a large fleet with realworld aircrafts, from small props to big jets, from helicopters to bussiness jets.

All pilots are welcome to use our Team Speak 3 server which runs 24 / 7.

Airline News

  • Feb07

    Stefan Van Goch / InselAir and WinAir

    Hi guys,  From now on, the "new" WinAir-routes are available. For "InselA ...

  • Feb06

    Stefan Van Goch / Groupflight

    Hi guys, It has been a while, since we had our last groupflight. Therefore, I would like to s ...

  • Feb01

    Stefan Van Goch / Awards

    Dear pilots,  Due to some havy duties, some of the pilots, who entered and made their fi ...

  • Jan22

    Florian Göldenitz / call for liveries

    We are looking for FlyCaribbean liveries. You can post your livery for any aircraft in the dis ...

  • Jan19

    Stefan Van Goch / New tour(s)

    Hi, fellow pilots.  I am thinking about new tours, but I do not know, if (and wich) tour ...

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Recent Reports

#1807 - JBU1488 Netherlands Antilles TNCM
Prinses Juliana
United States KJFK
Kennedy International
Stefan Van Goch
#1806 - FCB0215 Haiti MTPP
Mais Gate
Mexico MMUN
Rudi Esser
#1805 - FCB0215 Netherlands Antilles TNCC
Haiti MTPP
Mais Gate
Rudi Esser
#1804 - UAL1439 United States KIAD
Netherlands Antilles TNCM
Prinses Juliana
Julian Harrigan
#1803 - WIA2619 Netherlands Antilles TNCM
Prinses Juliana
France TFFJ
St Barthelemy
Julian Harrigan

Newest Pilots

FCB0227 Leith Atia United Kingdom
FCB0226 Patrick Späth-van De Njimegen Germany
FCB0225 Frank Van Soldt Netherlands
FCB0224 Jim Keil United States
FCB0223 André Cruz Portugal

Why choose FlyCaribbeanVA

The Caribbean are one the most beautifull places in the world. Wether you like to do some island hoping and try your skills on the approaches of St. Barths and Saba, or fly big jets for a nice approach into St. Maarten, FlyCaribbeanVA can make this happen.

We have an active and friendly community, new pilots are very welcome.

start flying with FlyCaribbeanVA