Airline News

  • Jul20

    Stefan Van Goch / First routes EGFF

    Dear pilots,

    Today the first routes (and schedules) to and from Cardiff / Caerdydd have been created.
    Those are numbered as follows:

    CHC1001 - EGFF-EGPF
    CHC1002 - EGPF-EGFF
    CHC1003 - EGFF-EDDC
    CHC1004 - EDDC-EGFF
    CHC1005 - EGFF-TNCM
    CHC1006 - TNCM-EGFF
    CHC1007 - EGFF-TNCC
    CHC1008 - TNCC-EGFF 

    All flights of CHC (Cwmniau Hedfan Cymru) will get FCB-numbers too, due to our Alliance.

    The first CHC-aircraft has been ordered and is going to be build in Seattle at KBFI. This will be a Boeing 737-MAX8. In the meantime, you may use any short- and mediumhaul aircraft for flights CHC1001 - CHC1004.

    For flights CHC1005 - CHC1008 is any longhaul aircraft to be accepted, except the A380!

    Kind regards,


  • May26

    Stefan Van Goch / Announcement! Closure of our EHLE-HUB

    Dear pilots,

    On June 1, 2021, our HUB on Lelystad (EHLE) will close. Therefore we will open a HUB on Puerto Vallarta (MMPR).

    I also will state, that flights over "White Russia" will be rejected from now on. This, untill further notice. Also flights from (and to) Israel, are being rejected, for the safety of our crew!

    Kind regards,


  • May20

    Stefan Van Goch / NOTAM PH-MBI (A332)

    Dear pilots,

    Today I flew the PH-MBI (according to JARdesign, an Airbus A330-200 in KLM-new colors) to the Mojave Dessert.  The PH-MBI will not be able to fly again, for the real PH-MBI is a Fuji FA-200-160 and is owned by the Martinair Flight Academy. At least, it used to be.

    Kind regards,


  • May20

    Stefan Van Goch / New HUB added

    *** NOTAM ***

    From today, May 20, 2021, it is possible to change HUBs to EGFF (Cardiff, Wales / Cymru). From here, it is possible to make scheduled flights to TNCM (Princess Juliana / St. Maarten) as FCB9901. The returnflight is FCB9901.
    Scheduled is an A359 (N501DN), but you can take any LongHaul aircraft you like.

    I would also like to inform you, that there will be a complete new schedule for FCB coming up. Work is in progress and will, unfortunately, take a while for me to "translate" IATA-airportcodes to ICAO-airportcodes. Also the routes will be searched for via SIMBRIEF and added to the flights.

    If you have any wishes, please let me know.

    Kind regards,



    *** NOTAM ***

    O heddiw ymlaen, Mai 20, 2021, mae'n bosibl newid HUBs i EGFF (Caerdydd, Cymru / Cymru). O'r fan hon, mae'n bosibl gwneud hediadau wedi'u hamserlennu i TNCM (Princess Juliana / St. Maarten) fel FCB9901. Y golau dychwelyd yw FCB9901.
    Mae'r A359 (N501DN) wedi'i drefnu, ond gallwch chi fynd ag unrhyw awyren LongHaul yr ydych chi'n ei hoffi.

    Hoffwn hefyd eich hysbysu, y bydd amserlen newydd gyflawn ar gyfer FCB ar y gweill. Mae gwaith yn mynd rhagddo ac, yn anffodus, bydd yn cymryd amser i mi "gyfieithu" codau IATA-maes awyr i ICAO-maes awyr. Hefyd bydd y llwybrau'n cael eu chwilio trwy SIMBRIEF a'u hychwanegu at y hediadau.

    Os oes gennych unrhyw ddymuniadau, rhowch wybod i mi.

    Cofion cynnes,


  • Apr10

    Stefan Van Goch / NOTAM for recruits

    Dear recruits,

    Please state a correct (and double-checked) email address on application.

    Thank you.

    Stefan / CEO

  • Feb04

    Stefan Van Goch / Possible error in activationmail

    Dear (new) pilots,

    There might be a slight problem in the system, when you apply to our VA.

    As far as I know, you are accepted within 24 hours after application. If you did not receive your accordance within 72 hours, do not hesitate to send me a mail with your name. I'll take care, that you get a "new" activation mail asap.

    If this problem appears regularly, I let our webmaster know this, so he can take care of this issue.

    Happy landings and hope to see you in virtual skies.


    Kind regards,

    Stefan van Goch, FCB191 / CEO.

  • Jan06

    Stefan Van Goch / Happy New Year

    Dear pilots,

    Sorry for the delay, but I am very busy at the time.

    I wish you (and your families) all the best for 2021. Also do I hope, everything turns back to normal very soon.

    So, stay healthy and happy flying.

    Kind regards,


  • Oct03

    Stefan Van Goch / Boeing 777 for FSX/P3d

    Dear pilots,

    From now, you are able to download the Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777-200F and Boeing 777-300ER in a special FlyCaribbean-livery. Just go to "Profile" and "View Downloads" and there you can find them.

    If the link doesn't work, please let me know, so I can figure out, how to make work, because I stored the files in Dropbox.

    The liveries only work in FSX and Prepar3d v4.xx and, if I am correctly informed, Prepar3d v5.xx.

    Happy flying.

    Kind regards,


    P.S. The B77L (Boeing 777-200LR), with Reg# PJ-FCB is already at TNCM, stand A3. (At least on October 3, 2020, 1932z). The B77W (Boeing 777-300ER)  with Reg# PJ-FCD is on its way to TNCM, stand A1. (At this time of writing: October 3, 2020, 1934z).
    The B77F (Boeing 777-200F) with Reg# PJ-FCC will be flown to TNCM on October 4, 2020 at apprx. 1900z.

  • Oct01

    Stefan Van Goch / Work in progress

    Hi there,

    From Saturday, October 3rd, 2020, our FCB-fleet is expanded with our own Boeing 777-200LR, 200F and 300ER. These will are now available via "Profile" and "View Downloads".

    I also will start rewriting the FCB-schedules. If someone has ideas, please share them with me. If you want flights from and to somewhere, you can not find in the "regular (real) airline-schedules", or if you have "classic-timetables", drop me a mail, please. It should be nice to fly anywhere / everywhere. Also, it would be nice to create a groupflight on IVAO with as many pilots as possible. Due to the timezones, It would probably best, to have one on a Saturday or a Sunday. Reason is, that I would like to start at 1800z, so 1730z at TS2. In the Winter (from October 31th), it will be an hour later. But...

    Any ideas welcome by mail ( or Discord.

    Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

    Kind regards,



  • Jul02

    Stefan Van Goch / New flights and aircraft added

    Dear pilots,

    From now, we are supporting (some) Hawaiian flights too. Flights from the Caribbean to Hawaii (and back) will be added soon as FCB-flights. Other flights will be operated by HAL (Hawaiian). There are about 90 HAL-flights added.
    Also added are flights JBU767 (KMCO-TJPS) and JBU768 (TJPS-KMCO), both flown with an A320, which are already in our fleet. More JBU (JetBlue) flights will be added later on.
    There are 3 new aircraft added, an ATR42-500, an Airbus A330-200 and a Boeing 717-200, all 3 for Hawaiian.

    Have fun flying and... Feel the difference.

    Kind regards,


  • May27

    Johan Wijnands / Caribbean Airbridge

    IVAO XC and NL event.

    Airbridge between TNCA and EHAM


    Go to the NL-forum for more information: Click here

  • Apr13

    Stefan Van Goch / Welcome

    Hi, fellow pilots, 

    I wish to welcome all new pilots.

    If you have questions or ideas, please let me know at and I will do my best for you. It can take a while, but I'll be working on it.

    Kind regards, 


  • Apr01

    Stefan Van Goch / Progress on South-America Tour

    Hi guys,

    I just finished the raw route, so the departure- and arrival-airports. Now I need to figure out, which callsigns I will give them, because it is easier for me to check, which leg a certain pilot has flown.
    Hopefully, there is an option for a real toursystem here, but, nevertheless, Progress has been made, the work has started. To be continued...

    Kind regards,

    Stefan van Goch.

  • Mar29

    Stefan Van Goch / A new tour

    Hi guys, 

    Thanks to Rudi Esser, we have a new tour coming up.

    It is a tour around South-America.

    In the next couple of days, I will figure something out and will try to get it in our schedules and toursystem. 

    I will keep you informed.



  • Mar17

    Stefan Van Goch / FCB company channel TS2 IVAO

    ATTENTION... NOTAM 20200317
    Since today, we have our own Company-Channel (back) on the TS2-server. You can find it here: and is called FCB_CC.
    I hope that we can use it very often and I also hope, that there will be a lot of Groupflights, so we can use it.
    The first Groupflight, I am thinking of, will be held at the end of this month. I'll keep you informed.
  • Feb24

    Stefan Van Goch / Delay in new routes

    Dear pilots, 


    Due to lack of time, I am unable to add some routes where you asked for, yet. 


    Please, have patience, before March 31, the routes will be added. 


    Kind regards, 



  • Feb07

    Stefan Van Goch / InselAir and WinAir

    Hi guys, 

    From now on, the "new" WinAir-routes are available. For "InselAir"-fans, those flights remain available too.

    See you in virtual skies.

    Kind regards, 


  • Feb01

    Stefan Van Goch / Awards

    Dear pilots, 

    Due to some havy duties, some of the pilots, who entered and made their first flight, did not receive their 1st job-award.

    At this time, I take care of the pilotslist and will add the award within a couple of days. 

    Kind regards,


  • Jan22

    Florian Göldenitz / call for liveries

    We are looking for FlyCaribbean liveries.
    You can post your livery for any aircraft in the discord repaints thread (
    At the end of the next month we will give away an award for the best livery.

  • Jan19

    Stefan Van Goch / New tour(s)

    Hi, fellow pilots. 

    I am thinking about new tours, but I do not know, if (and wich) tours you are interested in, so I would like you to mail me your ideas.

    You can send the mail to with subject "tour".

    You can mail me for other questions and ideas as well. 

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,


  • Dec31

    Stefan Van Goch / Happy New Year

    Hi, there, fellow pilots, 

    Herewith I wish you all the best for 2020.

    Many joyful flying hours and happiness and health for you and your family.


    Kind regards, 


  • Dec02

    Stefan Van Goch / Pilots inactivity

    Dear pilots, 

    Today, I started to inform the pilots, who joined in 2017, but never made a flight with us.

    Normally, the pilots are asked to make 1 flight in 30 days. If not, you can send a mail with information, or you get a mail, that you should make a flight within a certain period. 

    We require at least 1 flight within 90 days, so... Take your time. 

    But, if you did not make a flight after registration in 2017, it will be time to let us know, if you still are interested in our VA.

    I will try to make some nice (reallife) events and hope, the rest of the staff and I come together in January, for a meeting on discord, TS2 or TS3, for changing ideas.

    Hopefully, FCB will grow further an will be a friendly and well known VA

    Kind regards,


  • Oct16

    Stefan Van Goch / New aircrafts to come

    Dear pilots,

    It gives me a great pleasure to inform you, that we get some more (read: new) aircraft in our fleet. The first one is an Airbus A350-900 WXB. This one had got the registration "N501DN" and can be used on ALL Delta-flights.
    Of course you can use it for other airlines too, if you want to try it out.

    NOTE FOR FSX / P3d / FS Steam USERS:
    Unfortunately, the A359 is for XPlane-11 only,

    The other aircraft are coming soon.

    - 9Y-TAB, Boeing 737-8Q8 (B738) for Caribbean Airlines.
    - 9Y-GEO, Boeing 737-8Q8 (B738) for Caribbean Airlines.

    And... Lots more to come.


    Another positive point:

    I am trying to extend our schedules. Due to some problems we had a few months ago, it was not possible to add new flights. And, since I get mail with the newest information about all the flights, the schedules will be (close to) accurate.

    The first new flight was the BWA457 from Saint Martin (SXM / TNCM) to Trinidad & Tobago, Port of Spain (POS / TTPP) with the 9Y-TAB. In the schedule is the 9Y-POS active, but there are some minor changes due to come.


    The last point I would like to mention, is, That I intend to start-up some events, such as Group-flights on IVAO or VATSIM. Due to different timezones, it might be possible to have 1 groupflight a month on a Saturday. Starting at 1700z, departure 1800z and a maximum flighttime of 2 hrs. IFR and/or VFR.
    So, if you are interested to do so, please let me know.


    Kind regards,


    Stefan van Goch (WIA0191 / CEO)

  • Aug25

    FCB Forum / FlyCaribbean discord channel

    Hallo pilots, we have now a discord channel where you can contact the staff and other FlyCaribbean pilots.
    FlyCaribbean discord channel

  • Jan03

    Florian Göldenitz / VFR Challenge 2018

    VFR Challenge Event with departure from TNCM, some touch and goes in TNCS, TFFJ and TFFG and return to Juliana Airport.\\r\\n\\r\\nATC service will be provided by the IVAO-AN division.

  • Nov20

    FCB Forum / AN XMAS Tour 2017


    You can use now FCB scheduling system when you want to fly AN XMAS Tour 2017.
    You will find the schedulings as FCBANXMAS1701 - FCBANXMAS1722. Leg 1-9,12 and 14 have to be flown as IFR, legs 10,11, 13,14-22 as VFR legs.
    If you want to report your flights to AN Tour System please keep in mind, that VOR, VFR DCT, DCT or DCT GPS or GPS as routing is not accepted, neither for VFR nor for IFR flights.
    This tour is open until 31/12/2017 by IVAO AN DIV, and we will keep our tour schedulings open until that date too.

    I wish you a lot of fun and many smooth and happy landings.

    Cheers, Andreas
    FlyCaribbeanVA Forum

  • Feb08

    FCB Forum / FCB Tour System

    Hello Pilots,

    you can now use our FlyCaribbean Tour system.
    You will find the tour system under FLIGHT OPERATIONS -> VIEW ACTIVE TOURS.
    Bid on the leg you want to fly, start smartCARS and take off in the Caribbean.

    All legs are also available on the IVAO-AN division tour system. Report your legs on ivao the get the corresponding ivao award.

    Cu Florian
    FlyCaribbeanVA Forum

  • Dec23

    FCB Forum / Merry Christmas 2016

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all pilots from the FlyCaribbeanVA Team.

    Thank you for your flights in our first online year 2016.
    We wish you a lot of great flight experience in the Caribbean in the new year 2017.

    FlyCaribbeanVA Forum

  • Nov17

    FCB Forum / AN XMAS TOUR 2016


    You can use now FCB scheduling system when you want to fly AN XMAS Tour 2016.
    You will find the schedulings as FCBANXMAS1601 - FCBANXMAS1619. Leg 1-10 have to be flown as VFR, leg 11-19 as IFR.
    If you want to report your flights to AN Tour System please keep in mind, that VOR, VFR DCT, DCT or DCT GPS or GPS as routing is not accepted, neither for VFR nor for IFR flights.
    This tour is open until 31/12/2016 by IVAO AN DIV, and we will keep the schedulings open until that date too.

    I wish you a lot of fun and many smooth and happy landings.

    Cheers, Andreas

    FlyCaribbeanVA Forum

  • Oct22

    Florian Göldenitz / IVAO registration celebration flight

    To celebrated the fact we our now a registered VA on IVAO, we will have a groupflight.\r\n

  • Oct22

    FCB Forum / IPS for flightlogging

    Although we prefer the use of our smartCARS, we do now give you the oppertunity to log your flights automatically when flying online on IVAO.

    To use IPS, choose a route (any route or charter) and select an airplane from our fleetpage.
    In the remarksection of the flightplan on IVAO you have to place REG/xxxx where xxxx is the registration of the plane you are using and OPR/FLYCARIBBEANVA.
    OPR/FLYCARIBBEANVA is the trigger for the website to start logging the flight. Make sure you have no typo's.
    You can use all callsigns for these flights.

    FlyCaribbeanVA Forum

  • Oct22

    FCB Forum / IVAO registration celebration flight

    To celebrated the fact we our now a registered VA on IVAO, we will have a groupflight.

    On Novenber 6, 2016 at 1700z we will depart from St. Maarten (TNCM) for a flight to Miami (KMIA)
    Everybody is welcome to join this flight.
    FlyCaribbeanVA Forum

  • Oct08

    FCB Forum / How to get to the site?

    At the moment we are testing IPS for flightlogging.
    This means the redirection of the website is not correct.
    To go to the good homepage, go to
    FlyCaribbeanVA Forum

  • Sep29

    FCB Forum / FlyCaribbean registered VA on IVAO

    FlyCaribbean VA is now a registered VA on IVAO.
    This means when flying with our own FCB callsign on IVAO, it will be displayed on webeye as FlyCaribbean.
    When flying one of the real world flights we offer, please remind to fill 'OP/FLYCARIBBEANVA' in the remarks section of the flightplan. (field 18)
    FlyCaribbeanVA Forum

  • Sep06



  • Aug13

    Johan Wijnands / Grand opening group flight

    Groupflight to celebrate the opening of our VA

  • Jul28

    Johan Wijnands / Grand Opening

    On September 1st, 2016, FlyCaribbean Virtual Alliance will officially start operating.

    To celebrate this event, we invite you to join our groupflight on September, 4th. 

    The flight will be done on the IVAO network, during the Caribbean Online Sunday.

    If you cannot wait until September, you can register an account and start flying.

  • Jul28

    Johan Wijnands / Route and fleet update

    We are still expanding our fleet and schedules.

    At the moment we have:

    - 530 realworld routes

    - operated by 30 realworld airlines

    - 98 realworld aircrafts to choose from

    If you cannot find a route you want to fly, you can create your own using one of our own airplanes.

  • Jun23

    Johan Wijnands / Welcome to FlyCaribbeanVA

    Welcome to FlyCaribbean Virtual Alliance.

    FlyCaribbeanVA is an alliance where you can fly for multiple realworld airlines operating in the caribbean area.

    At this moment we are still working to get this airline of the ground. So stay tuned for updates.

    UPDATE July 18th, 2016

    At the moment we have routes from AAL, AFR, CMP, DAL, FWI, INC, JBU, KLM, LIA, SBB, SLM, SWG, TFL, UAL, WIA and WJA imported in our schedule.

    Total of routes is now 288 and we will add more soon.

    We expanded the fleet to 44 aircrafts available for use.

start flying with FlyCaribbeanVA